About us

About our Suns Lifestyle Luxury Garden Furniture range

Suns Lifestyle is committed to providing the very best in outdoor furniture to discerning individuals and suppliers throughout the UK. It’s our mission to bring high-quality chairs, tables, dining sets, and accessories to residents and sellers up and down the country, transforming gardens into usable, functional and enjoyable spaces.

We focus on four things: quality, material, innovation and design. For too long, garden furniture has had one, but not the others. With us, that’s all changing. Suns Lifestyle furniture makes use of the highest quality materials and latest design trends to bring patios, decking, and terraces to life. Our furniture means that you no longer have to make any compromises when designing outdoor living spaces: you get it all.

Making furniture from top-quality materials is crucial to us, and our customers. When we set out to create an item, we ask ourselves which materials would be best for the job. If you browse our product pages, you’ll come across lamps, chairs, lounge sets, dining sets, bar sets, and parasols made of premium products, like teak, rope and stainless aluminium.

We’re also not afraid to embrace innovation, employing a range of synthetics across our range. These materials enable us to offer quality-of-life-improving features on all our furniture, like water-repellent cushions and SensoTex upholstery.

Uncompromising style is a significant factor in all our design decisions too. We make outdoor furniture that is just as luxurious, comfortable and inviting as its indoor counterparts. A well-appointed patio with dining set should, in our view, be as tasteful and stylistically sophisticated as a professionally-arranged dining room.

To that end, we’ve developed an enormous range of styles of furniture for practically any outdoor setting. We want to push the boundaries of how people perceive outdoor spaces. Thanks to innovations spearheaded by us, there’s no reason they can be just as spectacular as indoor spaces.

Innovation is at the core of everything that we do. Over the past two decades, we’ve investigated dozens of materials, looking for those with features that can benefit our products and customer experience.

We never stop looking. Once a new material becomes available, we seek out ways of incorporating it into our design, helping to improve the attractiveness and distinctiveness of our furniture. It’s what makes us so exclusive and sought-after by clients who want nothing but the best.

Of course, great outdoor experiences rely on more than just furniture. For this reason, we specialise in accessories like lamps, parasols and gazebos too. The reason we developed these accessories was to allow luxury-orientated clients to use their spaces, no matter what the weather conditions, whether that was in bright sunshine, at night, or when the rain is beating down. Our solar lights, for instance, have more than 18 hours of battery life.

The Suns Lifestyle Difference

Suns Lifestyle is a unique company, catering to high-end clients across the United Kingdom. Our furniture offers genuine breakthrough innovations that are guaranteed to impress. With our focus on materials, quality, design and innovation, we provide no-compromise solutions that will transform your perceptions of what outdoor furniture can be.

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