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Our delivery and installation teams cover the entire UK mainland. Our installation guide can be found here. (

Remote areas may incur an additional charge of £150. For any product enquiries in Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland please contact our agent at Outback365 ( 

The functionality is the same on both models. The key difference in models is the height. The Rota is 20cm taller, so it makes a great overhang above patio or bifold doors. The Maranza roof panels are parallel to the longer length and the Rota roof panels are parallel to the shorter length. 

With the exception of models with six legs (which have a roof system split in two), the Rota works on one roofing system so all vents open in one movement, whereas dependent on the frame size of the Maranza, it has multiple roof sections, so one section could be closed and another open. The Maranza vents open towards the longer length, making this model ideal for south facing gardens.

Deluxe retractable screens are available on both the Maranza and Rota models. 

All side options can be retro fitted to the frame. On the Rota model a screen cannot be added on one of the sides (the side where the roof turning mechanism is) which is set on 1 of the longer sides. 

The Maranza can house side options on all four sides. Vented STATIC FIXED panels are available on the Maranza only and not available on the Rota.

Both options are produced with hardened aluminium, powder coated casing and durable Textilene mesh. The sun screens should be used for shade and privacy only, they can be left down in mild wind and rain but must not be left down in higher winds or overnight.

The deluxe screens are our updated model, they are built into the sidetrack of the pergola frame, which makes them much stronger and will not allow them to flap in the wind. This screen will shelter from moderate winds and protect from rain whilst using the structure. 


These models are weatherproof in standard British weathers. Rainwater runs from the roof blades, into the guttering and then drains down internally, through the legs. During extreme weather conditions and severely heavy rain there may be a slight leakage as excessive water cannot flow through the drainage quick enough and can spill over, just like guttering on a home or an external drain.  

We specialise in manually operated vented roof pergolas which are produced in set sizes allowing us to work within customer measurements. We have a huge range of sizes which can be found here ( 

It is not possible to bespoke the manual roof models however it is possible to produce bespoke size models in a similar style in a completely automated version.  Prices start on average from £1,250 per square metre and require a call with our bespoke team, followed by a site visit.

We always aim to deliver and/or install orders as soon as possible. Lead times vary by model, colour and size. We stock all of our products and receive regular monthly shipments to ensure our customers never wait longer than necessary. Our installation lead time ranges on average from 3 weeks to 6 weeks however does vary throughout the year. Once an order is placed online we will call you to book a convenient date to install your gazebo.. If the order is for delivery only we aim to deliver within 10-14 days of the order being placed. All deliveries and install lead times are subject to location and stock.

All models come with instructions and can be self-fitted with basic DIY knowledge, as well as ideally two more people to help, plus an array of tools including a rivet gun when installing any side options. Estimated build time varies for each size model and can range from 1-5 hours. This does not affect the 5 year manufacturers warranty on the frame and roof or the 2 years warranty on the sun & deluxe screens.

Our models are semi-permanent structures, meaning they a secured to the surface and not below, this makes them very sturdy and durable, yet still with the ability to move, if required. They are wind resistant up to 120km and then beyond this, when secured to your surface. Always keep the roof slats slightly open during extreme weather conditions to allow the wind to pass through the structure. 

No, they are rust proof. The pergolas are produced from hardened aluminium and powder coated.

These models require very minimal maintenance. The frame can be washed with cleaning materials and also jet washed. The gutters can also be cleared with a jet wash.

Our professional fitters can install and secure the pergola onto any flat, solid surface as long as the dimensions of the area are correct. Concrete, resin, paving slabs, wooden and composite decking as well as many more surfaces including porcelain and other tiles. We recommend but not essential to install concrete pads below the porcelain tiles where the feet of pergola will sit or a full concrete base rather than sand or hardcore.

The models are produced in either matt royal grey or matt white. 

Yes, to a certain extent, however, please be aware that this will void any warranty.

If the pergola legs need to be shorter or for example, if two legs were to be mounted on a wall or platform, they can but cut to size. We would require the exact measurements, so that the alterations can be made cleanly.

The install team can use 50mm pads when installing however we cannot raise the height of the model any further. If this is a requirement you may wish to explore building a platform for our standard models to sit onto.

We cannot change the width and depth dimensions of the frame.

Aluminium vented roof pergolas work on the natural fall of your existing surface to allow the rain to drain meaning a slight fall is necessary. Our installers can adjust the legs to sit flat, using spacers up to 50mm. This does not affect your warranty.

The outside legs of the frame are required as part of the drainage system, please note that if these are removed that you are removing half of the functionality of the system. The option we recommend is that we can place the foot plates flush to the wall and add flashing to close the gap between the building and the top of the roof beam. This would then keep the structure watertight to your building, there is a £100 charge for this. If you require this option please leave a comment in the notes section and the team will follow this up with your order and contact you to make the additional payment.

If the structure is being installed against a house or building, we are able to remove the middle leg on the building side and replace this with a wall bracket. All other legs are required to support the pergola roof and also required as part of the integrated drainage system. Please get in touch to enquire about this option and have ready your exact measurements from the patio floor to the top of the door, when the door or window is open. 

Yes, all side option configurations can be retro fitted to an existing pergola frame. Please note this will incur an additional installation charge of £200 should you decide to add these at a later date. The charge will not occur if the screens are installed at a later date due to not being in stock at the time of order and our install team will return to fit at no extra cost once back in stock.

Yes, the blades can be removed and replaced if ever required. If, for example, when the frame is next to your building and you need to clean windows above, the blades can be temporarily removed.

We can supply heaters, which start from £300 each. They have a 1.5m lead with a standard 13amp plug, so a power source is required. We do not supply lighting, however IP66 rated LED strip lighting can be purchased from any DIY store and added to the inside of the frame and looks great. The heaters and lighting can be self-fitted, but we recommend that both are installed by an electrician.

All of our aluminium pergola products have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The sun and deluxe screens have a 2-year warranty. Please refer to

Yes, we are based in Brentwood, Essex and have a good selection of pergolas and furniture available to view in our showroom. The full address is Unit 1 & 2 South Essex Golf Course, Brentwood Road, CM133LW. Please use this link to book an appointment: or call the office on 01277 321888 to arrange. 

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