Aluminium The advantages of this popular outdoor material are obvious: it is strong, durable and rustproof. Furthermore, aluminium is lightweight, making the garden furniture easy to shift.

Suns Lifestyle aluminium garden furniture

Since Suns Lifestyle aims for quality, premium aluminium is used with a thickness (approx. 2 mm) above average. The thicker aluminium ensures a more solid construction, which results in a longer life span. Being extra strong is an advantage to adjustable furniture, such as the Suns Lifestyle Parro Recliner. Furthermore, the aluminium is coated, providing its unique colour (matt royal grey or warm light grey) and provides extra protection against weather influence.

Suns Lifestyle aluminium maintenance

Aluminium is absolutely maintenance-friendly. On top, the aluminium is double coated by Suns Lifestyle. Suns Lifestyle aluminium garden furniture can as such resist any type of weather. In order to keep your furniture attractive, it is advisable to occasionally treat the aluminium with a protector, so dirt doesn’t easily adhere to the material.

The only maintenance required for aluminium furniture is to frequently clean it with a damp cloth. This keeps the aluminium attractive.

Keep your outdoor furniture in shape with Suns Lifestyle Shine
Heat, cold, UV-light, rain, ice, mud, food, fungi and mildew; your outdoor furniture has a lot to endure. That’s why we have Suns Lifestyle Shine, a comprehensive series of cleaning and protection products for nearly every outdoor material. Get to know our high-end Cleaners & Protectors that clean deep, protect with nano-technology, are friendly to the environment and easy to use!

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