Fast dry foam The name says it all: foam that dries fast. It is one of Suns Lifestyle's innovations, combining seating comfort with a weather resistant material.

Effect of Fast Dry Foam

Regular foam for upholstering furniture has a dense structure. That is why water or other moisture will stay and is slowly absorbed by the material. On the other hand, Fast Dry Foam has a very open cell structure that drains any water quickly. In addition, this open cell structure provides circulation of air, drying the foam in time. Fast Dry Foam is ideal material for garden furniture.

Suns Lifestyle Fast Dry Foam maintenance

Fast Dry Foam is used in the majority of the Suns Lifestyle Red collection. Within this collection, Fast Dry Foam is also combined with SensoTex. This combination allows the realisation of external ‘fabric’ sofas. Fully upholstered garden furniture that is completely weather resistant and can, therefore, be left outside throughout the year.

Keep your outdoor furniture in shape with Suns Lifestyle Shine
Heat, cold, UV-light, rain, ice, mud, food, fungi and mildew; your outdoor furniture has a lot to endure. That’s why we have Suns Lifestyle Shine, a comprehensive series of cleaning and protection products for nearly every outdoor material. Get to know our high-end Cleaners & Protectors that clean deep, protect with nano-technology, are friendly to the environment and easy to use!

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