Wicker Wicker is similar to plaited strands. A wicker garden set, therefore, is a set of which the material is plaited. In addition, this term is widely used as a kind of material. Usually it refers to plaiting with synthetic strands.

Suns Lifestyle wicker garden furniture

At Suns Lifestyle, we only use premium synthetic fibre for our wicker garden furniture. This material is very strong and weather resistant, which makes the products maintenance-free. On top, synthetic plaited strands last longer than strands made of natural material, such as rattan. Also in terms of appearance & feel, the current differences between synthetic and rattan or reed are minimal. These advantages make synthetic plaited strands ideal for the use of garden furniture.

Flat, semi-circular or round strands
here are three types of synthetic wicker: flat, semi-circular and round strands. The different strands influence the appearance and processing difficulty grade. Suns Lifestyle uses all types of plaited strands depending on the model and desired look.

In addition to different types, Suns Lifestyle Wicker is also available in different colours.

Suns Lifestyle Wicker maintenance

Suns Lifestyle Wicker garden furniture is designed to be left outside throughout the year. But eventually every kind of material will suffer from UV radiation, rain and desiccation. In order to protect the material it can be treated or stored. When leaving SUNS Wicker furniture outside throughout the year, it shouldn’t be used while it is freezing.

Low maintenance is one of the advantages of premium synthetic plaited strands. Occasional cleaning by using a damp cloth, soft brush or garden hose, will suffice. Do not use a pressure washer or aggressive detergents as they may damage the material. For more thorough cleaning of Suns Lifestyle Wicker furniture, a detergent or Suns Lifestyle Easy Cleaner should be used.

Keep your outdoor furniture in shape with Suns Lifestyle Shine
Heat, cold, UV-light, rain, ice, mud, food, fungi and mildew; your outdoor furniture has a lot to endure. That’s why we have Suns Lifestyle Shine, a comprehensive series of cleaning and protection products for nearly every outdoor material. Get to know our high-end Cleaners & Protectors that clean deep, protect with nano-technology, are friendly to the environment and easy to use!

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