Outdoor Seating Area Ideas for 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and turning your patio or terrace into the ‘place to be’ is a must this year. We are here to help you. From tables to heaters, full lounge sets and more. If you’re looking for some outdoor seating area ideas, then you have come to the right place!

Small Outdoor Patio Ideas:

Let’s start small.

If you’re working with a garden or patio with limited space, there is no need to worry. Many of our pieces offer versatility and the ability to maximize the area you have to offer.

Lounging Around:

small garden seating ideas - the savona lounge set sat outside in a green garden

The Savona lounge set is a great place to begin.

This L shaped lounge set can seat your friends very comfortably. The edges leave enough space to use as an end table and hold everything that is important to you, such as some ambient candlelight, plants or a summertime cocktail.

This set is available in multiple sizes and colours, so you can find the one that works best with your space.

Cozy Summer Sunsets

upclose image of the firepit that lives in the centre of the vario bar table

Another incredible option for outdoor seating in a smaller space is our Vario Bar Table With Firepit.

Simply take a seat around the table, serve up a nice bite or relax with a nightcap and soak up the warmth of the roaring fire right in front of you.

Sitting around The Vario Bar Table With Firepit is an intimate experience. There is no need for a big bulky firepit to distance you from your friends. With the fire built directly into the table, you can benefit from the warmth and beauty this table has to offer.

Outdoor Shade Ideas

For gardens that live in direct sun, there is nothing better than a parasol to hide under on those scorching summer days.

The Pantalla 3x4m Parasol is the perfect option for smaller gardens. You can lay your sunbed, dining table or lounge set directly beneath it.

Its tasteful design makes it the ideal asset for any garden this summer.

Outside Tables:

An outdoor table or dining set can turn your home into a secluded paradise. Gone are the days of crowded pub gardens. Now you can have privacy, comfort and fun entirely at home.

Hosting Guests

The Ovada Dining Set is an eye-catcher. Both beautiful and functional, this table gives you everything you could possibly need and more.

This set comes with 4 chairs, a bench and a stunning table. It is durable and easy to clean. This set can instantly turn your garden into your new favourite space.

The table is a grand size. It can easily fit your favourite plates, drinks and cutlery. Incorporate some of your favourite pillows, lights or placemats to make it unique to you.

Sunshiney Afternoon Drinks

round table with 4 bar stools sat around in an outdoor patio

The Round Virenze Bar Table is perfect for tapas or drinks in the sunshine.

The shape is ideal for getting your friends around and the teak is a tasteful, classic look. This bar table is sure to look exceptional in any garden as it displays simple, natural beauty.

Patio Furniture Ideas:

Patio furniture is what can turn your home into a sanctuary this summer.

Here at Suns Lifestyle, we have many amazing options available for sale. If you are in need of more inspiration we invite you to browse our site. We have so much to offer.

If you would like to continue to be inspired, head on over to this article about patio cover ideas.

For any questions or enquiries, please visit our contact page.

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