Service and warranty

Suns Lifestyle Ltd does everything possible to deliver products of the highest possible quality. If you have any questions or comments about our products, dealers or service, Suns Lifestyle Ltd would really like to hear from you!


Together with our Suns Lifestyle Ltd dealers we would like to be of service to you as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Suns Lifestyle Ltd products at any time. Your Suns Lifestyle Ltd dealer is also ready to assist you, being well informed about all of our products’ ins and outs.


For issues regarding your warranty, or should you have a complaint, please contact your Suns Lifestyle Ltd dealer in the first instance. Suns Lifestyle Ltd dealers will have the correct information, and spare parts on site and will be able to assist you very quickly.

Suns Lifestyle Ltd Warranty Conditions

Quality is a matter of making choices. In material use, in design and in construction. Suns Lifestyle Ltd has a clear preference for robust materials. Friendly to the eye and resistant to intensive use. All Suns Lifestyle Ltd outdoor furniture can remain outside the year round. Due to its properties, natural materials may discolour over time. What you can count on is the durability of Suns Lifestyle Ltd products.

Thanks to its high quality, Suns Lifestyle Ltd offers a warranty that stretches beyond legislation: you will receive no less than 5 Years Warranty.

If a piece of furniture or part should defect due to a manufacturing defect or a defect due to regular domestic use, SUNS will repair the defect at its own discretion, refinish the product or replace the defective part.


In case the model or color is no longer available (for example, from an older collection), Suns Lifestyle Ltd reserves the right to replace the defective piece of furniture with a similar product. Each replacement applies, in principle, to the defective part or piece of furniture, not to the entire set. Repair, refinishing or replacement does not affect the original warranty period.

Warranty procedure

In the event of a defect, it is the responsibility of the buyer to return the product to the Suns Lifestyle Ltd point of purchase, accompanied with (a copy of) the purchase receipt. The Suns Lifestyle Ltd Dealer will complement the warranty request with event date, product code and description of the problem and submit it to Suns Lifestyle Ltd. Suns Lifestyle Ltd will handle the correct completion of the warranty procedure.

Warranty Conditions

The warranty period starts at the moment of the purchase at the Suns Lifestyle Ltd Dealer. The original receipt serves as a warranty certificate. The warranty relates to construction and material defects that are already present on delivery. Excluded from warranty is damage caused by improper or incompetent use (such as abnormal loads), deterioration by aggressive substances, improper maintenance, repairs by non experts, the covering of the furniture, incorrect assembly, as well as influences due to the properties of natural material and damage due to the not following or not correctly following the user instructions (hangtag).

Further excluded are:

  • Defects that are due to normal wear and / or extreme weather conditions;
  • For plastic: scratches due to use
  • For aluminum: scratches due to use
  • For wood: influences due to the properties of natural materials, such as cracking, tearing and discoloring
  • For steel: rust formation from the inside due to, among others, condensation
  • For textiles: less than 3mm shrinkage per linear meter, incorrect washing and slight discoloration, wear due to usage and reduced carrying capacity and thickness of the filling over time.
  • The warranty only applies to regular domestic use.

We wish you pleasure and comfort with Suns Lifestyle Ltd.

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