Maranza Deluxe Vented Gazebo 3.5 x 3.6m Louvered Shuttered Roof System – IN STOCK

From: £4,200

This model is an upgraded version of the Galaxy Vented Pergola model. The key benefit of the Maranza deluxe is that it can be configured with Deluxe weather screens which can be used all year round in moderate wind and rain. The Galaxy model is only available with sun screens which CAN NOT be used in wind and rain. 

Convenient, stylish and ready-to-use overhang for your terrace in several measurements. Flexible manual shutters and cassettes give you the choice to either sit in the sun or in the shade.

(Static aluminium side screens are pre order only £1000 per section)

Full height of the Maranza is : 229cm

Lowest height is : 216cm

Post width is 11.5cm x 11.5cm

Foot plate width is 19cm x 19cm

Inside length from footplate to footplate: 3.42m x 3.52m / 3.52

Can house screens on all 4 sides

  • Weatherproof
  • Stainless aluminium
  • 5 Year Warranty
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Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions



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    Maranza Vented Roof Gazebo


    Maranza Deluxe 3.5 x 3.6m Manual Vented Gazebo Louvered Roof System

    The SUNS Lifestyle Maranza Vented Gazebo is the perfect way to make the most of your garden all year round.

    This stylish, permanent pergola features both a vented opening roof and optional sides screens. The quality aluminium frame, available in both white and anthracite, comes in four sizes, so it compliments any outdoor space.

    If you’re looking for a premium quality gazebo, with flexible features that adapt to all weathers, look no further than the SUNS Lifestyle Maranza.


    SUNS Lifestyle Maranza Vented Gazebo

    Our Maranza Vented Gazebo is a convenient, stylish and ready-to-use overhang for your terrace.

    The aluminium frame is available in several measurements so you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.

    Flexible shutters give you the choice to either sit in the sun or shelter from the rain. The structure is completely weatherproof, made from the highest-quality stainless aluminium, and is available in both matt royal grey and matt white.


    Made From High Quality Materials

    We use only the highest-quality, weather-proof materials to manufacture the Lifestyle Maranza Gazebo.

    • The gazebo’s overhang is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid construction. This means you can position it as a stand-alone structure or connect it to an existing building as a stylish extension to your home.
    • Internal frames and vented roof shutters are made from toughened aluminium. The anthracite and matte white finished powder coating creates a modern feel suitable for all gardens and outdoor areas.
    • additional textilene mesh deluxe screens in an aluminium casing.


    Versatile Options 

    The Lifestyle Maranza is fitted with flexible shutters in the roof, giving you a number of options.

    When the shutters are closed, water is drained via the legs of the construction, keeping you safe and dry. When they are open, they let in light and air.

    The Maranza structure is tested for wind speeds of up to 120 km/h and the roof is resistant to heavy loads, including snow and leaves.

    The SUNS Maranza is not a complicated or long-term building project. This is a smart solution with a long lifespan.


    Shuttered Slatted Venting Roof

    This is the key feature of the gazebo’s unique design. Inside of the Maranza gazebo there are two easily operated mechanisms, that open and close the roof shutters. This allows sunlight and air into the gazebo as required.

    The mechanisms that facilitate this are robust and built to last so they won’t fail over time.

    The Internal Drainage System:

    Here’s where it gets clever. When the shuttered roof is closed the structure becomes completely weatherproof. The cleverly designed drainage channels housed within the shuttered sections of the roof allow excess rainwater to drain off and down into the internal channels of structures frame, the excess rain then runs through the inside of the legs, exits through the holes within the footplates and drains away with the natural fall of your surface.


    Optional Deluxe Screens (upgrade from sun screens)

    The SUNS Lifestyle Deluxe side screens are a beautiful addition to you gazebo, creating an area of shade or privacy within your garden or outdoor space. This updated model of side cassette adds an element of weatherproofing, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area with added protection from the wind and rain due to the side of the screens being zipped into the frame.

    Built in to the runners this allows you to pull down to your required length which can be set anywhere along the the track then rolled back up into its casing. They are slightly transparent allowing the light to shine through but not those nosey neighbours and also makes them a more eye catching feature piece.

    Combing an aluminium casing with a high quality polyester, PVC coated mesh known as textilene, these deluxe screens are non flammable and give a high level of resistance to common issues such as mildew as well as being a perfect solution against the elements hot or cold. Tested up to wind force 8.

    Textiline is a high quality mesh fabric which can be used in all forms of British weathers without compromising its durability. Very little maintenance is required which makes Textilene a perfect material for our deluxe screens even after years of use an under the most severe weather conditions however should be kept retracted when not using the structure or in high winds and should not be left down 365 days a year to create a storage area.

    When self installing the Maranza Deluxe screens you will require a rivnut tool to punch the holes for the rivets into the legs to fix the screen brackets. Please see in images.

    PLEASE NOTE: A natural fall is required to allow the water to drain correctly ideally no more than 15mm (which by building regulations, your patio likely already has), this is so that the screens can be fitted correctly and the water drains correctly. If your fall on the patio does not match the above then our installers will need to use packers under specific legs to make sure that the screens works correctly and that the water drains correctly. By using our installation service you are agreeing to our team using packers under the footplates in such instances.

    Additional information

    Aluminium Colour

    Matt royal grey, Matt white

    Number Of 330cm Deluxe screens (sides)

    No 330cm Screen, One 330cm Screen, Two 330cm Screens

    Number Of 335cm Deluxe screens (front / back)

    No 335cm Screen, One 335cm Screen, Two 335cm Screens

    Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions

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