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Suns lounging

Suns Lifestyle has four different collections. Every collection includes lounge sets. There is always a Suns Lifestyle lounge set that suits you. In order to make the right choice, read about the different varieties and properties. Enjoy!


The most comfortable height for your lounge set is very personal. Originally, lounging furniture was lower (seat height 42-45 cm), comparable with furniture in the lounge (inside the house). Suns Lifestyle offers lounge sets in various heights. The seat height is measured by the height of the seating plus the height of the cushion. The majority of the SUNS lounge sets has a standard height of 42-45 cm. There are, however, some interesting varieties.

‘Low Lounger’
Our lowest sofa is the Suns Lifestyle Isla Lounge set. The seat height of this set is 35 cm and can as such be called a ‘low lounger’. The Suns Lifestyle Isla Lounge set was awarded with the B3 design award 2016.

High lounging
Suns Lifestyle also has several high model lounge sets (seat height of 50 cm or 52 cm), such as the Suns Lifestyle Florance Lounge set. Also the Suns Lifestyle Ferro Lounge set, is available, which has a standard seat height of 45 cm, which can be adjusted, however, by applying small legs underneath. As such, Suns Lifestyle offers lounge sets for everybody in the appropriate height, for instance for the elderly, enabling them to sit down and get up easily.

Every Suns Lifestyle lounge set has its standard setup, but can also be adjusted to your heart’s content. For instance, the lounge set can be expanded by means of middle sections, hockers, a bigger corner piece, a chaise longue or spacious lounge chairs. In addition to these expansions, Suns Lifestyle offers accessories which combine perfectly with the various sets, for instance footstools, side tables or garden chairs.

Outside throughout the year
Basically, Suns Lifestyle lounge sets can be left outside throughout the year. Still – to enjoy an optimal life span – it is advisable to store the lounge set inside during the autumn and winter. After some time natural materials may fade, which goes with the properties of the product. There are, however, different possible treatments to prevent this, as much as possible.


Lounge set with corner piece
A set with a corner piece is the most common type of lounge set. The sofas usually consist of different parts that are combinable in various ways. The corner piece is the central piece that serves as a connecting element. Moreover, Suns Lifestyle lounge sets offer the Big Corner. This extra spacious corner piece provides an additional seat and uses the corner optimally. For many people, the corner is the favourite place to sit.

Sofa set
A sofa set is a lounge set that consists of one or more sofas, possibly complemented with lounge chairs. It differs from a regular lounge set, as the corner piece is absent. It is often a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa in one piece. This provides its individual look. Check out the Suns Lifestyle Athos from the Grey collection, for example.

Dining lounge set
A dining lounge set is characterized by a medium height table, with its height being adjusted to the lounge sofa. A dining lounge set is slightly lower than a common dining table set and a bit higher than a regular lounge set. This makes the dining lounge set suitable for both dining and relaxing. Both Suns Lifestyle Almeria and Suns Lifestyle Ferro, for instance, are lounge sets with a dining table.

Within our collection we also have a few lounge sets with an adjustable up&down table. You’ll put this table in the lowest position while lounging, and at the highest for supper. Some examples of lounge sets with up&down table include the Suns Lifestyle Portella and the Suns Lifestyle Pinto.

Relax set
A relax set is a lounge set in a corner setup provided with adjustable backrests. Besides that, our Suns Lifestyle Almeria Relax Lounge set also comes with an up&down table. This way, the relax set enables you to relax and dine.

The lounger is a traditional form of garden furniture meant for relaxing. Loungers can be found in most Suns Lifestyle collections. Attractively designed, solidly constructed and pleasant to relax on. Take a look at, for example, the Suns Lifestyle Latina lounger from our Green collection or the Suns Lifestyle Larissa lounger from our Grey collection.

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